Donor Stories

Both our donors and the beneficiaries of their generosity have stories to share.

Read their stories below:


Barclay Jackson

I graduated from Chatham in 1970 as a Theater major. Chatham had very strict liberal arts requirements so I received a broad and comprehensive education. I went on to graduate school in theater, which was a disaster; as you can imagine, it was the 70’s, I was in Los Angeles, and everything centered around sex, drugs, and rock n roll.

Barbara and Tom Hollander

In 1993, nearing the end of a two year struggle with ovarian cancer, Barbara Stone Hollander ’60 and her husband, Tom, decided to consider what they wanted to leave behind irrespective of the outcome of her battle with the disease.

Edith and Mary Cole

Mary and Edith Cole spent much of their lives helping others and advocating for the rights of women everywhere. Their generous spirit has outlived both as they continue to ensure that a high-quality education is available to everyone.

Anne Putnam Mallinson ’61

The late Anne Putnam Mallinson ’61 loved the sense of community and friendship that she found at Chatham. Eight years after her passing, her husband William Mallinson is keeping the generosity she showed to Chatham during her life going strong.

Nancy Waichler ’55

Chatham alumna Nancy Waichler ’55 has centered her philanthropy around three passions: education, the environment and the social services groups that serve her community in Oak Park, IL. Chatham’s Eden Hall Campus embodies two of those passions.

Mary-Anne Koenig Pomputius ’60

Mary-Anne Koenig Pomputius ’60 is ensuring that her legacy of generously supporting Chatham continues long into the future. Like so many others, Mary-Anne fell in love with Chatham during her first visit to campus. She decided immediately to attend. Within her first two weeks at Chatham, Mary-Anne met her future husband, William Pomputius, who was attending medical school at the University of Pittsburgh. She began testing into more advanced classes and found herself surrounded by older students whose confidence and independence influenced her.