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Mary-Anne Koenig Pomputius ’60 is ensuring that her legacy of generously supporting Chatham continues long into the future. Like so many others, Mary-Anne fell in love with Chatham during her first visit to campus. Shortly after starting classes at Chatham, Mary-Anne met her future husband, William Pomputius, who was attending medical school at the University of Pittsburgh. Mary-Anne excelled at Chatham and quickly began testing into more advanced classes. She soon found herself surrounded by older students whose confidence and independence influenced her.

With the solid and rigorous education that Chatham provided, Mary-Anne gained the confidence and skills needed to take on the challenges and opportunities that life presented her. “Chatham gave me the courage to believe in myself and the wings to fly over what would have been obstacles for other people. Mary-Anne successfully juggled married life and raising her first child, while also completing her Chatham tutorial, three months earlier than her peers.

Shortly after her graduation and during the Cuban missile crisis, her husband was drafted into the US Military, and they embarked upon a journey to Europe. They lived in Germany for a few years and traveled extensively throughout western Europe. They enjoyed visiting, cycling, and trekking through 19 countries in total.

In her mid-twenties while she was still travelling, Mary-Anne decided to ensure her legacy and priorities would be honored by writing her will. Thinking of the impact that Chatham had on her life, along with the encouragement from her parents to give back to charitable causes that were important to her, she decided to document a bequest for Chatham. She believed she owed a debt to her alma mater for investing so much in her. And she still believes that it is important to help Chatham as it continues to invest in future generations of students.

Mary-Anne wants Chatham to continue to grow and thrive into the future, and she sees her bequest as a commitment to strengthening Chatham. “We still have some roads to make as far as sharing the excellence of the University. I’m confident that the Eden Hall Campus and other programs will continue to broaden Chatham’s appeal and attract students from all over the country.” She hopes that the next generation of Chatham students who benefit from her gift will embrace the same sense of feminism and female empowerment that has guided her through life. Looking to the future of Chatham, Mary-Anne hopes that our students “reach for the stars and don’t settle for anything less.”